About Tacos Selene - in Aurora & Littleton

Founded in 2002 by the Gonzalez Family in Aurora, Colorado

Tacos Selene started in the early 2000s when Enedino and Carmen Gonzalez decided to take a risk and pursue their dream of owning a food truck. Their first location was in 2002 at an Aurora Autozone that was home to Tacos Selene for 16 years. For many years the Gonzalez Family tried to a get a brick and mortar location but none seemed to fit until 2010 when the Gonzalez family found the location on the corner of 6th and Chambers. This location eventually replaced the food truck, and became the family’s sole focus with the hope of making a successful and thriving business.

In 2018 we opened our second Tacos Selene in Littleton, in 2022 we are opening our third location and we are excited to bring what everybody loves about us to a new area.

It has been and honor to serve the greater Colorado area for over 20 years, we are thankful for everyone’s love and support and we look forward to being here for you guys for many years to come. 

Thank you to all who have helped make this dream come true!

The Gonzalez Family